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Program Enrollment

ThriveLink empowers families to sign up for programs like health insurance, food stamps, and utility assistance by verbalizing their answers to application questions.


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How it Works

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Health Equity Requires
Accessible Program Applications 

How it works

  1. Access ThriveLink as a benefit from your employer, health insurance, doctor, or a partner organization, and tell us what kind of resources you need help with. 

  2. ThriveLink finds the right program for you, and asks the appropriate application questions. This empowers families to enroll into social programs immediately.

  3. Your applications is submitted to the applicable government agencies, and you simply await approval.

A Transformation in How Communities Access Social Services

ThriveLink rephrases complex application questions and allows families to verbalize their answers. This makes programs like health insurance, food stamps, and utility assistance accessible to more than 130 million people who currently struggle to complete this process independently.

The Current Barriers

The Current Self-Service Ecosystem Requires Reading Paper Forms or Online.

For example, although 130 million people struggle with reading,'s 2024 Medicaid Enrollment campaign asks members to complete a form that requires reading and comprehension skills.

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How We Remove Barriers

We Improve the Ecosystem by Giving Patients the Ability to Use there Voices

  • No reading or smart device is required, enabling 130 million adults who have reading barriers to access resources independently.

  • Staff can save 12-14 hrs per week by removing program applications from their workload.

  • We enroll families in evidence-based programs that are proven to address health-related social needs and minimize referrals.  We minimize referrals because the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that referrals and 1:1 navigation for more than 70,000 patients "did not appear to increase beneficiaries’ connection to community services or health-related social needs resolution." This study included 29 organizations nationwide.

  • ThriveLink is a turnkey solution with optional integration.


We Give Families Self-Service Access to More than 50,000 Programs Nationwide

Health Insurance Enrollment

Keep Current Members Enrolled, and Easily

Engage New Members


In 2023, 11.9 million people (70%) lost Medicaid coverage due to procedural reasons. This spans across the nation as according to the California Healthcare Foundation, "90% of [Medi-Cal] disenrollments were due to procedural reasons, rather than ineligibility determinations. Examples of procedural reasons include paperwork not being received by the county Medi-Cal office on time or paperwork missing required information or proof."

At ThriveLink, we give your members the ability to enroll in your health plan and other social programs with ease!

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More Social Work, Less Paperwork

Social workers spend 14 hours per month on administrative tasks that could be delegated. Give your team the chance to do what they love, and give patients even better access to the resources they need.

Some families need even more help than an AI enrollment agent can offer. So ThriveLink also features a call center with bilingual enrollment agents who are available to answer questions for families who need more support finishing their applications.


While families access programs, you have the ultimate command center that enables you to review the programs families access in real-time and focus your support on those who need additional help!

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Award Winning Technology

Recognized by Leaders

in Healthcare Innovation

ThriveLink (formerly known as Nutrible) was founded by nurses, social workers, and medical assistants who have firsthand experience as both families in need and clinical staff. Understanding that referrals often fall short in solving families' problems, we developed ThriveLink entirely based on feedback from healthcare providers, social service providers, and the families they serve.

Our mission is to enroll families in over $1 billion worth of resources by 2028, and we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.

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We’re looking for social justice freedom fighters to join our team! See all positions and submit your information.

Operations & Product Interns

Remote - Part-Time - $1,000 Month

You will provide comprehensive administrative and operational support to the founding team. You will handle a wide range of administrative, product, organizational, and operational responsibilities to support the team in driving social impact, operational excellence, and achieving organizational goals.

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