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Privacy Policy

ThriveLink Enrollment Agent


Last Updated: 9/20/2023


At Nutrible Inc., we prioritize your privacy. This policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding your information while facilitating connections to essential services through our AI Social Workers.


Who We Are


Nutrible AI Social Workers specialize in connecting individuals with health and social care providers using advanced technology. Our platform streamlines access to services offered by a network of organizations known as the Network.


Referral Locations


Referral locations are not always affiliated with Nutrible as Nutrible is a tool used to send out-bound information to external organizations. All data that is sent via Nutrible is sent to external organizations with the users consent.


Data Collection


As a technology-driven service, we gather user information exclusively with their explicit consent. Rest assured, we prioritize the security and privacy of your personal data.


Types of Information Collected


While only basic information like your name and date of birth is required for assistance, you can choose to share additional details such as household information, contact information, age, and more. User information is collected and shared with explicit user consent.


User Consent


We only collect and share user information with their express permission. Users maintain control over what information they choose to share through our platform.


How We Use User Information


User information is utilized solely for the purpose of facilitating connections to essential services and in strict accordance with this privacy policy. We respect user preferences and consent choices.


Protection of Sensitive Information


Our technology is designed to prioritize the protection of sensitive information, ensuring compliance with federal and state privacy laws. User confidentiality remains our paramount concern.


Special Notice to California Residents


California residents have additional rights, including the right to request information deletion, correction, and more. Nutrible AI Social Workers do not engage in the sale of personal information as defined by the California Consumer Protection Act.


General Information Requests


For any user requests, questions, or concerns related to their information, please contact us at


Changes to this Policy


Nutrible Inc. reserves the right to update this policy, and any changes will be posted on our website.




This policy may be available in multiple languages for convenience, but the English version prevails.


Notice to Website Users Outside the U.S.


Our operations align with U.S. laws. When accessing our website or services from outside the U.S., your data may be transferred to the U.S., subject to different data protection laws.



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